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“Its easy to judge. Its more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods. Through judging, we separate. Through understanding, we grow.” Doe Zantamata

Judging others usually means there are negative connotations attached to the person or the situation.

Judging others is an opinion or a decision based on our own thoughts, feelings and biases. Within just a few minutes of meeting someone, we have made a decision about their character, their intelligence and their trustworthiness. This is all done subconsciously.

Judging becomes a problem when we make unnecessary and hurtful opinions which we base on very little evidence.

Who are we to judge others? We are all different from everyone else. We do not know what it took to for someone else to just begin their day. We do not know how they prefer to live their lives.

We do not know what struggles others have. Even though it may not be intended, forming a judgment of others could be hurtful. Everyone’s opinions are different. Everyone’s situation is different. Everyone’s journey is different. We have no idea what path they are on.

Every time we are judged by someone else, its because they did not understand our points of view. No one else knows what it took for us to begin our day. No one else knows what we think or how we feel.

We all have different outlooks on life. Who are we to say that their outlook is not right for them or the other way around, that our outlook is not right for us?

We really have no idea of someone else’s perspective. By judging them, we are not defining them, we are actually defining ourselves. This is where understanding and having an open mind comes in.

We all need to learn to love others without judgment and blame.

Instead of focusing on ourselves, we must learn to allow others to speak and communicate their positions to us.

This is when we must learn to listen and not judge when they do.

None of us needs to judge or attach blame. We just need to listen.

We must try to understand their points of view and give them the benefit of any doubts we may be feeling.

We are taught at an early age to speak but we are not taught to really listen.

We must not only learn to listen with our ears but to listen to with our hearts as well.

We all must remember that none of us is perfect, we all have differences of some kind.

Every one of us makes mistakes. Every one of us has our own story.

Everyone has their own unique situation. Everyone has a right to their opinions and the way they live. They have a right to their own beliefs.

We never know when our lives or anyone else’s lives will change. We know that it can happen in a split second.

Never let anyone’s opinions of you ruin your own self esteem or confidence. Other’s opinions are just that, their opinions. Stay committed to yourself and stay authentic. Never doubt your own self-worth.

Remember no one has the right judge you and you do not have the right to judge anyone else.

“Counting other people’s sins does not make you a saint.” Unknown”

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