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When life becomes challenging, you have two choices. You can look for all the obstacles in your path or you can look for the opportunities.

The choice is yours to make.

i have chosen to treat those obstacles as stepping stones and to take them one at a time.

i have chosen to see each stepping stone as an opportunity. I have chosen to love every step of the direction I am going.

I have chosen to love my life no matter where my path takes me.

Choose to love your life by making choices that will get you to where you want to go. Do not make excuses for not demanding a better place for yourself. It is never too late to change direction if that direction is not leading to where you want to be.

Keep reminding yourself that any obstacles in your path are simply challenges that were sent to you to make you stronger. No one ever said life will be easy. You can train your mind though to treat each obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn. You have the power within you to rise up from any situation or struggle you are facing.

You have the power to turn those obstacles into opportunities

I have a theory that what our minds see as an obstacle is really an opportunity. It’s all in how you choose to see it.

You must believe that everything will work out for the best and your perception of that obstacle will become an opportunity. The choice is yours.

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1 Comment

I have found that some of my challenges have been necessary ingredients to my path. Even negative experiences have a purpose. Great read! 💛✍️

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