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Your Destiny is Shaped by Your Decisions

Do you Believe in Destiny?

I believe in destiny. However, I believe my destiny changes with each decision that I make. We never know what changes will happen in our lives unless we make a deliberate choice. One decision can dramatically change our path and impact our lives.

We are always one decision away from a new direction.

One day several years ago, I decided to get on a airplane and travel to another part of North America. Someplace that I had never been before. What I discovered changed my life. I discovered another part of the continent that inspired me to make more changes, including becoming a writer. That decision changed my destiny. I can honestly tell you that decision changed my life.

It was then that I discovered that I could shape my destiny with the decisions that I make.

I discovered a whole new me! I discovered that you never know when your life can change unless you make the decision to do something different and then act on that decision.

I always knew I wanted to travel alone and when I finally made the decision to do it, I was hooked. That trip changed my life and my destiny.

I have never believed that ‘we are what we are.’ I believe that we are what and who we choose to be. I believe that every decision we make can shape all our tomorrows.

I knew in my heart that there was more for me to discover about myself. I just did not realize at the time that all I had to do what make a different decision and actively pursue the direction that I had chosen.

Discovering and choosing my destiny was a gift that I gave to myself and I am still giving to myself.

Destiny leads to choice, choice leads to change. Without change you will not discover your destiny. I learned that my circumstances may have shaped my past, but I have also learned that I do not have to be a victim of my past. I learned that no matter what decision I may make, it will determine my destiny.

We are always just one decision away from a different destiny.

Sometimes we will make the wrong decisions. Remember though, we do not have to be stuck there. We do not have to remain in a place that we are not happy in.  We all have the ability tomake new decisions and new choices. We can always choose a new path to our destiny. It all depends on your thoughts first, then your choices.

When we understand that we are all in control of our own destiny and only our own destiny, we will be able to make the positive decisions to change our direction. Learn that you do not have to remain where you are if you choose not to. Intentionally remove the roadblocks that you have set up in front of you and make the decision to affect the changes that will determine your destiny. What you have done in the past will not determine your future if you don’t let it.

Have faith in what your heart is telling you to do because your heart knows the way better than your mind.

Change your thoughts and you will change your destiny.

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