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COMMUNICATION Do you communicate? How well do you communicate?

Communication is most important in relationships. The worst thing between people is misunderstanding. Lack of communication can lead to resentment, insecurities and lack of trust.

I have experienced lack of communication, lack of listening properly and lack of understanding in my journey. Those three things have made for some upsetting times and have made life quite unsatisfactory for me at times. I knew I desperately needed to learn to acquire these attributes. I had to learn these important factors myself before I could ask someone else to.

This is what I have personally learned throughout my journey to self-discovery.

No relationship can prosper without proper communication and good listening skills.

If you think that the other person should know what you are thinking, well I’m sorry but that’s an illusion. The other person will never know what you are thinking and feeling unless you communicate it to them. None of us can read minds. Lack of communication can only lead to frustration, resentment and hurt. If you can’t communicate and resolve your problems, then its impossible to have a relationship.

Lack of communication can only lead to assumptions and we all know what assume stands for.

A good relationship is when you can tell each other everything and anything. Keeping secrets and telling lies will automatically kill any relationship.

If you’re upset, you should be able to tell your partner. If you don’t want to do something, tell them. If you did something wrong, communicate that. Even if its uncomfortable for you, you need to communicate. Your partner is not a mind reader. Talk about the things that bother you before they become major issues.

Talk about things, talk about how you feel about certain things. Be honest and understanding. Learn how to express yourself in a way that isn’t accusatory. Be sensitive to your partner’s needs. Be aware of your partners feelings. Learn to compromise and be understanding of the others feelings. Above all respect them and their boundaries.

Its an illusion to think that everything will always be wonderful in any relationship. Without communication, trust and respect, there is no relationship.

Misunderstanding is extremely dangerous, and lack of communication can lead to a lack of trust and have you doubting any relationship.

Love means having respect, trust, understanding and communication. Until you are able to have open and honest conversations you will not be able to have a completely healthy relationship.

An open exchange of feelings and thoughts are important in a healthy relationship.

Be consistent and upfront always with your communication. Above all, learn to listen and I stress, really listen to the others concerns and issues.

Most of us haven’t really learned to listen, we only hear what we want to hear and then we wonder why we don’t understand.

And this is a big one, learn to leave the past in the past where it belongs.

Communication is a two-way street. Listening is a two-way street. Understanding is the key that unlocks all of that.

Carl Jung said, “Without trust, honesty and communication, love is just another four-letter word, like shit.”

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