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Choose Your Path Deliberately

To be Deliberate- is something you intentionally and consciously do.

Be deliberate in everything that you do. Remember that you are free to choose but there will always be consequences so choose wisely.

Do you remember when you were a young child and you could not wait to get outside after a heavy rainfall? All you really wanted to do was jump into all those wonderfully muddy puddles.

I remember being drawn helplessly to those muddy puddles after a rainfall.

I deliberately chose to jump into those puddles without even a second thought. All I could think about was making the biggest splash possible, paying no heed at all to the water in my boots and the wet pants. It did not bother me that the mud got all over my nice new jacket and all over my face. I was deliberately enjoying every single minute of splashing and trying to get everyone else around me as wet as possible too.

Being deliberate is a conscious decision. I chose to jump into those puddles. Getting mud all over my clothes and face was a consequence of jumping in those puddles. What I did not choose was the strict warning and punishment I received from my mother after. I did not choose the consequences, but I had to accept the punishment for my deliberate choice.

Now as an adult, you probably wont jump into puddles deliberately, but you will make deliberate decisions.

As an adult, you have thoughts, dreams, and desires that you can deliberately choose to follow if you want to. You can deliberately make decisions to change your life it you desire it. You can deliberately make choices that will make you the person you want to be. All and any growth that you desire for yourself must be a deliberate action.

The truth is that nothing will happen that you desire for yourself if you do not deliberately choose it.

I deliberately chose to change my life. I made the decisions that propelled me to where I am now.

Here is the kicker though. You must have self discipline. You must consciously make the decisions to deliberately choose the path that you want to be on.

Self discipline is all about taking control of your life. I cannot emphasize enough that being deliberate in your choices and your actions are mandatory for the changes that you desire. Deliberately turn your dreams into reality by choosing the right path. Be secure in your choices. Insecurities have no place in your life anymore.

Having faith in your abilities is being deliberate in your confidence. Deliberately choose to be confident in yourself. Deliberately choose to be kind to everyone. Deliberately choose to be grateful, and honest. Deliberately choose to be happy. Deliberately choose to be honorable and worth.

Deliberately choose to love yourself.

Focus on your actions daily, focus on what matters most to you. Trust your instincts, your gut knows what you want. Do not ever lose sight of your purpose.

Consciously choose the actions that will propel you to your desired goals. Deliberately focus on where you want to be in life.

Remember you create your own life; you make yourself happy. Keep what brings you peace and contentment. Discard what makes you unhappy.

Deliberately choose to look for the joy and good in everything along your path. Your journey will be far happier and more productive if you do.

Deliberately choose how you wish to live your life for that is the only way you will appreciate what you do have.

Deliberately surround yourself with the people that remind you of your value and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Choose to be deliberate in everything that you do.

Choose to live your life on purpose.

Be a Rebel on Purpose

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