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Be a Rebel on Purpose

Do you remember when you were a child? When you wanted something so strongly that you couldn’t let it go?

When I was about 8 or 9, I wanted a bicycle. Most of the boys in the neighbourhood had a bike. I wanted to be able to ride like the wind with them. My Dad said there was no room in the budget for a bike because he said if he bought me one then my brother who was only a year younger than me would have to have one too.

Well, I didn’t let up on requesting a bike. For months,

I made sure that my Dad knew every day that I HAD to have a bike. My life was not worth anything without one. I told him daily the reasons why I needed a bike. I could get home from school earlier to do chores if I had one. I could feed the chickens and look after my siblings better. I would have more time to do my homework.

After many months of being tenacious, I finally got a bike...... well sort of. The bike I got was to be shared with my brother and it was a boys bike. It was second hand but I didn’t care, I sort of had a bike!

My brother and I learned to ride double. We could join the other boys in the neighbourhood now!

If only we as adults could be as tenacious as children, we could have whatever we want.

I believe that if you make the decision to want something and believe that you can have it, and believe that you deserve it, then it’s possible for you to get it.

Focus on your desire. Challenge yourself to attain it. Be tenacious in your belief that you will get it. Above all, don’t sell yourself short. Be passionate, have courage and pursue your goals with a tenacity you have never felt before. Never limit yourself. Be determined. You will reach your dreams! You will reach the top of the staircase. The results will be worth the climb.

Oh and I finally got my own bike about 3 years later and it was a girls bike.

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