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My Personal Welcome;

"My name is Linda Breedlove. I am a writer, award winning published author and lifestyle coach.

I have always been interested in writing and I dabbled in short stories and poetry for many years.

I began posting motivational and positive messages on social media to help myself in my transformation back to health and happiness. Along the way, my posts were getting noticed and I was receiving a lot of positive comments and many people were saying that I inspired them to transform themselves as well.

I have been called ‘ a motivational voice for anyone desiring change in their life." 

"Linda Breedlove says, when life becomes challenging, you have two choices. You can keep looking for obstacles or you can look for opportunities."

"Linda chooses to become part of the solution for change. She looks for opportunities and she wishes to help as many people as she can with her positive and motivational stories.

Linda’s journey to happiness is continued in this next book and her goal of helping others is still uppermost in her heart.

Her book, ‘Dream Bigger Be a Rebel on Purpose’ is her contribution to helping people overcome the obstacles in their own lives. Linda shows you that by being positive, optimistic, and passionate about life you can and will make positive changes if you have the desire and discipline to do so.

She also shows you that challenges in your path are meant to make you stronger and more resilient and you have the power within you to rise up from any situation or struggle you are facing.

Linda’s continued zest for life, her ability to change and her chameleon attitude to adapt to whatever life throws at her is apparent in this book.

Linda still vehemently says that you must ‘Be a Rebel on Purpose’ and you can change your direction in life any time you have the strong desire to do so, coupled with the deliberate intention to make those changes.

Linda loves life, and she believes that the most important thing in life, is to be happy… that’s all that truly matters."


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